Kerii (flawlesshadow) wrote,

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toasty ^^
Just finished dinerizing. I had an arbys beef and chedder sandwich,curly fries, and a gatorade..yummyful!
so anywho today was rrrrrrrrhamd day [really really really really really really really really hyper about moogles day day..hehehe ^^] This day occurs every June 02,2002. Woke up this morning and drew perdyful pictures in my skethbook until everyone else woke up, then we ate played princess maker 2 and took laurie home. Then I played princess maker2 like all day and when I wasnt playing it i annoyed people i didnt know and did know on aim. There was this dude who was really weird, I said bie bie to him meaning bye and he warned me up to 35% and I was like WHAT WAS THAT FOR! It turns out he thought I was calling him bi, but I said bie not bi bie as in bye biebie! lol, it was perdy funny. Sherry updated our quote site. I read quotes and then I ate and then I typed in my live journal and then I wrote pishdoodleyikes! uh... bie! [not bi, bie]
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