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|\/|4 l337 53|\|535 4r3 71|\|9|_1|\|9

1 \/\/45 ju57 1|\| 7|-|15 c|-|47 \/\/17|-| 5|-|3rry 4|\||> 4|>4|\/| 4|\||> |>4\/1|> 4|\||> 54r4 4|\||> |\/|0r3 4|\||> \/\/3 \/\/3r3 4ll 5p34|<1|\|g l337, bu7 7|-|47z |\|07 |>4 p01|\|7. |>4 p01|\|7 1z |>4\/1|> 7|-|1|\||<5 |-|3 1z |-|077 4|\||> |-|3 1z|\|7, |\|07 70 |\/|3|\|710|\| |-|3 c4|\|7 5p33|< l337. |<3r11 c4|\| f|_u3|\|7|_y 4|\||> ju57 \/\/4|\|73|> 70 |<|\|0\/\/ \/\/|-|0 3|_53 |>035. 50 c0|\/||\/|3|\|7 1f j00 c4|\|! 7|-|4|\||<13z 4|\||> 900|>|\|19|-|7!
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I c4|\| r34|> i7 ^_^ -f3315 5up3ri0r-
900|> j0b 50|_|>13r!
1 b37 p30p|_3 7|-|47 r34|> |\/|4 j0ur|\|4|_ 4r3 |_1|<3 |/\|7f! |_0|_
7|-|3y |>0|\|7 |<|\|0\/\/ \/\/|-|47 7|-|3y 4r3 |\/|1551|\|9!
Just "Ah, dammit. I |-|473 leet!"
7|-|3y 4r3 4|_|_ j3|_0u53 b3c4u53 7|-|3y c4|\|7 5p34|< 17 |_1|<3 u5 91f73|> p30p|_3.... 0r |\|07.
Y3p, |/\|3 4r3 50 5p3c|4|_ 7|-|47 |/\|3 937 0ur 0|/\||\| 8u5.
*squints eyes* i-i-is that leet? no, thats not leet....?????????????
yup thats l33t for ya, I'm the leet master! buahahaha, and I can speak it fluently too! It comes naturally kinda like a second language!
*covers eyes* AHHHHH!!!!!! So...confusing!...Can't....Read! I cant only read one word in there and I think that word is "just". What does it all say?
Its all typed in leet... go learn leet and then you will know! lol
NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. Learning leet is too much strain for my brain. hehe. Summer is not a time to learn. It's a time I forget.... but the point is!-......wait...I forget that too... Dyah! I'm thinking too much. I'll just go make some waffles then go to sleep, then tommorow I'll learn leet. Or I'll probably forget it by then too. Ah well, I'll figure it out someday. I just hope every post of yours isn't in leet. lol. Or I'll go crazy. No. Really. I will.
dont worry I wont post every thing in leet, It gives me a headach but its fun non-the-less! 00 i know I can teach you leet leet skills in exchange for your leet pool skills! yea! lol
!!!!! My god! I just was able to read it!!! Muahaha! You said "I was just in this chat room with Sherry and Adam and David and Sara and more and we were all speaking in leet but thats not da point. Da point is David thinks he is hott and he isn't, not to mention he can't spell in leet. Kerii can fluently and just wanted to know who else does. So comment if you can! Thanks and Good Night!" That's correct, isn't it? It's just like learning to read all over again. Yippee!
\/\/04|-|! 7|-|47 \/\/45 AWSOME, |\|07 70 |\/|3|\|710|\| 7074|_|_y c0rr3c7!!

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why thankies!
suprisingly.. i could read that.. weird.. *stares*
unsuprisingly i can too! hehehe ^-^
I'm adding you to my friends list. Because it's two thirtynine on a sunday morning and i have nothing better to do. Feel free to return the favor......if you want......
Love, Emily
Thats good enough reason for me *adds you back*