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Hi-ello everyone! Ok the night before last night I had a dream that I was running through the halls and adult swim was on every tv, but I couldnt stop running and I jumped over this huge river thing and there were no more tv's so I pulled this rope and jumped on a raft thing and got stuck on it and I cant remember what happened next! Apparently I really wanted to watch adult swim! 0_0
Last night however I dreamed that I traveld with this dude and this girl to like an anime convention and we stayed in a hotel with a juice bar that contained all snapple juice! Then in the middle of the dream the bell rang, like i was in school and I went to band class! lol
well thats enough with my crazy dreams so I'm gonna go now! biebie!

Todays day:Tanpimbd day [there are no pinecones in my backyard day day]
Todays drawing from my sketch book:2 characters from love hina [girl jumping on guy, strangling guy.]
Yesterdays drawing:A cute girl from Seraphim Call holding a bunny.. it turned out very good too!
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